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Ashwagandha- Benefits of Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a very well known Indian herb which is used as Rasayana,  and Vajikarana , and stress reducer. It’s popularity got rejuvenated in recent years, due recognition of its health benefits...

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Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Chapter One-Detailed explaination

After finishing Introduction to Charak samhita ,let’s start with  the  detailed explanation . First we will see Charaka samhita Sutrasthana chapter one, the Deerghamjeevitiya adhyay. The very first verse of Charaka samhita is – Athato...

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Chyawanprash- 9 benefits of Rasayana therapy

When people enquire about Chyawanprash benefits or Rasayana therapy , I remember a question I regularly get.-Why am I always tired? What is Ayurvedic remedy for tiredness ? doesn’t Ayurveda have something like Revital? How...


Who wrote Ayurveda and when ?

Many a times, I get this curious question from my curious friends..” Who wrote ayurveda ? ” and I really get confused as to how to answer this in short.. You might expect  the...

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Introduction to Charak samhita

Charak samhita is the ancient text of Ayurveda. It forms the base of theoretical part and fundamentals of Ayurveda.It is a Part of Brihattrayee i.e the three big/most important texts of Ayurveda. The details...

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