Chyawanprash- 9 benefits of Rasayana therapy

When people enquire about Chyawanprash benefits or Rasayana therapy , I remember a question I regularly get.-Why am I always tired? What is Ayurvedic remedy for tiredness ?

doesn’t Ayurveda have something like Revital?

How could people not ask this question?

We get stuck in the rut of work whole week.

Weekends are not much different, but only it’s a labor of love on Weekends . Shopping, Pending works, taking kids for a ride, etc, etc.. And also we have to enjoy ourselves …enjoy the nature, go hiking( Tired again ūüôā ) ¬†and ¬†so many things we like to do which we wait for Sunday to come.. I wonder that even if half days of week were Sundays, even then too we wouldn’t be able to solve the problem of less time and more things to do.


We can’t , with our faulty diets .So, many people get into the routine of randomly popping over the counter pills like …vital , …oxid etc. These products might have benefits but they do not solve the problem completely.

Then they turn to so called Ayurveda and drink glasses of juices every day on empty stomach when returning from morning walk.Like Karela, Neem and whatever. These are medicines which you are gulping down by glasses my dears and not food products. You should take them¬†in a prescribed ¬†dosage¬†and not abuse them like this. Some of them are not even medicines and just products of misconception. Karela and Jamun are not the treatment for diabetes. So when none of these is working and people still feel tired, then there comes the question for me…Ayurvedic remedy for tiredness?

Now Ayurveda is a highly personalised science. It usually does not believe in “one size fits all “type solutions. But here it has made a small exception. A wonder medicine called RASAYANA. I said small exception, because we can personalise Rasayanas too, but there are a few Rasayanas which anyone can take.

Now what is a Rasayana?

Swasthasya ojaskaram yat, Tad vrushyam tad rasayanam.|

Charaka chikitsasthaan 1-5

The medicines which increase the Oja (Energy of life) in a healthy person are called Vrushya, and also Rasayana.

Now this was exactly what we were looking for, isn’t it? Let’s get to know some more properties of Rasayanas-

Deergham aayuhu smruti medha aarogyam tarunam vayaha|

Prabha varna swaraudarya dehendriya balam param ||7||

Vaaksidhim pranati kaanti labhate naa rasaayanat|

Laabhopayo hi shastaanam rasadina rasaayanam||8||

Charaka chikitsasthaan- 1-7, 8.

Chyawanprash benefits

The person who takes Rasayana , gets

Long life







Good voice


Now this looks like a wonder drug, isn’t it.So many are the chyawanprash benefits,that what else could we ask for? I even can imagine some of my friends drooling (girls especially… radiance, complexion :-0

Now what is this magic drug that you Ayurveda people are hiding from us?

But alas, no magic drugs, Because magic drugs are just what they sound like… Fishy.

¬†There is one remedy that all of you have heard about. Lo and behold, here I tell you its name… Bring your ear here……



Disappointed? Don’t be.

This simple jam is a remedy we all know for ages is power packed with everything you need to be rejuvenated. Yes we can call it a jam, because it is made of fruit.  



It’s main ingredient is aamalki( aawla, Aamla,Gooseberries). It consists of a lot other medicines .So, taking it daily will give you many of above benefits.

Now why am I saying many and not all? Because the Chyavanprash we get today is not as Ayurveda has told it in texts. A lot of its ingredients are not even available today .And also many commercial companies use Pumpkin in it instead of Aamla…As you know ,the Rejuvinating¬†effects of Aamla are proven even in this modern era. Now if the main ingredient is missing what else can we expect but for it to not be so effective? But there is a solution. You can buy it from some trusted Ayurveda physician who has made it himself.

And there is one more important word- REGULARLY

Most of us take it for a small period and¬†leave it. ¬†But that’s not the way to take it.

Ayurveda has not mentioned Chyawanaprasha as the only Rasayana ,but also many more like Bramha rasayana, Agastiprash etc and they are even available commercially.

Ayurveda has specifically mentioned some more rasayanas for people with specific problems, like Pippali rasayan for asthma etc. But you must take these under medical supervision.

So,are you tired by even reading such a long article?…… Take a Rasayana daily, because now you know the age old Ayurvedic remedy for tiredness – Chyawanprash benefits are too many to ignore.

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