Dr Prerana Pishte Patil

Hi, I am Dr Prerana Patil. I am an Ayurvedic physician.

I love Ayurveda from the base of my heart and loved it ever since I first came face to face with this divine science .

I hope to spread this magical knowledge as far as possible because I believe each and every individual has a right to get benefited through this knowledge, whose journey began to relieve the suffering humanity , without any commercial purpose thousands of years ago.

When I came to know about blogging , that was my moment of enlightenment ! I instantly felt that this is the way i could connect to the whole world and fulfill my dream to spread Ayurveda knowledge to a lot of people and help them get their share of this great knowledge which was intended for the whole mankind by its creators ,and I hope I could succeed in this goal and help you in your journey to achieve a healthy, natural way of life.

I also know the struggle an Ayurveda student has to go through as I have been one . The lack of  simplified data is one more struggle added to the woes of an Ayurveda student. I have tried to simplify the knowledge in our today’s language and make it as easy as possible.

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